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Davey Wavey makes a case for respecting LGBTI elders

Davey Wavey makes a case for respecting LGBTI elders

The title of Davey Wavey’s recent YouTube video is all you need to know: ‘show some fucking respect.’

The YouTube sensation is done with older gay men being mocked.

‘I am so sick, and so tired, of seeing young gay guys walk into a club…and they’ll be like, “Ewww, that old creepy gay guy is so disgusting. He’s so gross. He looks like Santa Claus.”‘

The reason this attitude spikes DW’s anger is because us older gay men have made a lot of things possible, from marriage equality to gay/straight student alliances in high schools.

‘The people of his generation are literally the only reason that you can walk down the street, in your pink fucking tank top, holding your boyfriend’s hand, and not get you ass beat,’ Wavey says.

Somebody is preaching today! While Davey’s words are focused on gay men, we at GSN raise our coffee cups to all our LGBTI elders.

Watch DW’s clip below. Share it. Let’s try to to be respectful of each other, no matter where we are on this crazy, beautiful, journey!