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David Davies: ‘I fought a gay boxer so I’m not a bigot’

David Davies: ‘I fought a gay boxer so I’m not a bigot’

A Conservative member of parliament who said ‘most parents’ don’t want gay children has insisted he is not homophobic because he once fought a gay boxer.

David Davies this week attacked Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron over his ‘barking mad’ equal marriage plans, adding he was worried about the Tory leader’s support for legislation allowing same-sex couples to marry in religious buildings.

He then sparked outrage after stating that the majority of parents would prefer their children not to be gay because they would like grandchildren.

The politician has now hit back at claims he is a bigot by posting a video on Twitter claiming he once trained with gay boxer Charles ‘Pink Pounder’ Jones.

Davies tweeted: ‘Once fought [a] gay boxer. Respect and like. Trained with [him] after bout so not bigoted. Activists calm down – listen to other view.’

The MP for Welsh county town Monmouth previously rejected the notion Cameron would be ‘carried shoulder high back into number 10 by Stonewall activists’ and claimed the party would lose a large number of ‘very loyal activists’.

A group of senior Conservatives, including Education Secretary Michael Gove and London Mayor Boris Johnson, have signed a letter to the Sunday Telegraph urging backbenchers to support the proposal.

On Friday, Cameron said he was a ‘massive’ supporter of marriage and did not want gay people to be excluded from a great institution.

The same-sex marriage bill will be up for a free vote at some point during 2013, with hopes it will be legalized by spring 2014.

UK equality chief Maria Miller will announce the government’s response to a public consultation on gay marriage this afternoon at 12.30pm.

Watch David Davies’ gay boxer video below: