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David Walliams says he wants to be in a same-sex dance pairing on Strictly

David Walliams says he wants to be in a same-sex dance pairing on Strictly

David Walliams is well known for playing up to a camp and effeminate stereotype

David Walliams has said wants to be in Strictly Come Dancing’s first ever same-sex dance pairing.

The star of Little Britain and judge on Britain’s Got Talent talked about his ambition to appear on the BBC One hit series while on The Jonathon Ross Show on Saturday (8 December).

Speaking to Ross, he said that dancing in a same-sex couple on Strictly wasn’t his only motive.

Walliams said: ‘My mum would like me to do Strictly. I don’t think I ever have been asked to do it.

‘I would like to do it because there are two reasons. One is, you get to lose weight, it’s a brilliant way to lose weight.

‘And the second thing is you often get close with the professional dancer.’

One person that doesn’t seem to be a problem for is du Beke.

In a recent interview with BANG Showbiz, du Beke said: ‘If they give me a fella I’d give it a go, why not?’

The possibility of same-sex pairings…?

Walliams and du Beke are just the latest in a line of both fans and performers calling on Strictly to introduce same-sex dance partnerships.

Former contestants Dr. Ranj Singh, Rev. Richard Coles, Robert Rinder, all of whom are gay, have said that they would have been open to same-sex pairings.

Pro dancer Kevin Clifton also said that he’d have ‘no problem’ dancing with a man.

At the same time, fans have said that allowing same-sex pairings would be the best way for the show to evolve and avoid becoming stale.

Despite the repeated calls, the BBC has maintained that it has no plans to introduce same-sex dance partners in the near future.

However, in October the show included its first same-sex dance routine made up of the professioal dancers.

The routine was lauded by fans, many of whom hoped this was a sign that the BBC would open the door for same-sex dance pairings in the future.