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Original Blue Power Ranger opens up about going to conversion therapy

Original Blue Power Ranger opens up about going to conversion therapy

David Yost in his Blue Ranger Power Rangers costume

David Yost, who played Billy aka the Blue Ranger in the original 90s Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers series, says going to conversion therapy led him to a nervous breakdown.

In 2010, he first revealed that he quit the show because of discrimination. ‘I was called “faggot” one too many times [by the show’s] creators, producers, writers, directors,’ he said.

Then he went to conversion therapy.

He tells Out in Perth that he went for two years and it was ‘quite religious’.

It ‘unfortunately caused a nervous breakdown because I was actively working against the truth of who I was and mentally I couldn’t take it anymore.’

‘After my nervous breakdown it took me years to be comfortable and really be open about myself. It wasn’t an overnight process and it took a long time to be happy and comfortable.’

Trying to be diplomatic

Yost still calls the show and experience a reward, however.

‘I’ve always tried to toe the line and be diplomatic. I’m a part of a show that has become iconic over the last 25 years,’ he said. ‘I want the fans of the show to really focus on all the positive things that they got out of the show, and not on the stuff that goes on behind the scenes.’

When the new movie included an LGBTI ranger, he praised the representation.

He further explained he doesn’t walk around upset and angry and he’s more comfortable talking about his sexuality now.

‘I get letters every day via social media from people who tell me: “Thank you so much for coming out, you’ve given me the courage to come out, thank you for sharing your story.”‘

Yost also said 98% of his fans interactions are positive now.