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Deaf model Nyle DiMarco slams airline for offering him a wheelchair

Deaf model Nyle DiMarco slams airline for offering him a wheelchair

Nyle DiMarco in Sitges, Spain

Former winner of America’s Next Top Model and deaf activist Nyle DiMarco recently posted a video of an awkward experience he had with an airline.

DiMarco was flying with the airline Delta when he was greeted by an odd sight upon landing. Someone was waiting for him with a wheelchair — even though he doesn’t require one.

He wrote about the incident on Twitter, accompanied by a video.

‘Not a clear video but apparently being deaf at an airport means I need a wheelchair,’ he wrote sardonically.

He followed it up with another tweet, saying the look on the man’s face showed he realize Delta had made a big mistake.

Some defended the airline, saying it seemed like a simple, well-intentioned mistake. Others, however, criticized them for furthering the idea that having a disability automatically means immobile.

When DiMarco tagged Delta in a response, the airline responded.

‘I’m sorry that there was some confusion regarding your itinerary,’ they wrote. ‘Please follow and DM your confirmation # so that I may review and relay your experience with our leadership team.’

They also released a statement about the incident: ‘Delta apologizes for a miscommunication that resulted in this customer being offered a wheelchair upon deplaning. We are also working with our wheelchair service provider to investigate what occurred.’

Other people on Twitter had more fun responses to what happened and DiMarco responded in kind.

He also revealed it’s happened more than once.

DiMarco is outspoken about being deaf, and uses this platform to educate and correct people on the realities of being deaf.

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