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Dear friends, LGBTI people are under threat in Taiwan

Dear friends, LGBTI people are under threat in Taiwan

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On Saturday, Taiwan will go to the polls to vote in three referendums about LGBTI rights including, marriage equality. Despite the Constitutional Court ruling same-sex marriage should be made legal, the odds are not looking good for the LGBTI community.

Dear Friends,

The referendums is just less than 5 days away, and there is a horrific amount of misinformation and negative propaganda about LGBT people and against same sex marriage. The fake news propaganda, which is motivated through stoking the fear and anxiety of the masses, has resulted in a huge surge in support for the anti-gay referendums.

Many gullible people are buying the myth that if Taiwan passes marriage equality, we will turn into an HIV nation, that our population will shrink because gays can’t have children, that their own kids will become gay because schools teach gender education. The scope goes beyond just marriage and is basically castigating gays as the pariah and the destructive force of Taiwanese society.

The situation is alarming, but we need to fight as hard as we can to turn it around.

Everyone has a part to play

This is why I am turning to you again for your help. We need your help in the final few days to push out the message of love, equality and harmony to the undecided and recently “brainwashed” voters. We need to spend our limited financial resources on ads and campaigns that can reach them directly, engage them in more reasonable dialogue and provide them the accurate information to discern what is sensational propaganda and what is reality.

No matter the result of this referendums, we will need to address and deal with the harm and disruption that the anti-gay campaign has created for years to come. But we better fight now.

We will all continue to live in Taiwan, but it is of the utmost importance that we impart the message to the whole island that: only an equal legal framework will provide a long-lasting democracy, and a harmonious society.

Anti-LGBTI rally in Taiwan, thousands of people holding white signs in Mandarin standing outside in a public square
Anti-LGBTI rally in Taiwan | Photo: GagaTai (republished with permission)

We have to fight now

Thank you for your support and please click on the link if you are able to help us, help yourself, and help our society.

Donations are in the Taiwan New Dollar currency. So to give an idea of that is in US dollars, 1,000NTD is US$33 and 10,000NTD is US$333. Any questions, please email me at [email protected]

My Marriage Equality colleagues will follow this up with you immediately after your pledge.

Sincerely and Much Love,

Jay Lin

Jay is the founder of GagaOOLala, Asia’s first and the world’s largest LGBT online movie platform. He is also the Co-Founder of the Taiwan International Queer Film Festival (TIQFF), and father of a couple of 2 year old twins.  GagaOOLala was oneof the five founding members of the Marriage Equality Coalition.

You can donate here to the marriage equality campaign.