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Delhi High Court hires trans woman and acid attack survivors

Delhi High Court hires trans woman and acid attack survivors

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In what has been described as ‘path-breaking initiative’ Delhi’s High Court has just employed one trans woman and five acid attack survivors.

Acting Chief Justice Gita Mittal found work for the six women after hearing about their struggles. A member secretary of the Delhi State Legal Services Authority (DSLSA) had alerted him of their plight.

‘We have taken this step not only to give them a job but to give value to these people,’ a judicial court officer told The Hindu.

‘All of them faced discrimination and had failed to get jobs due to their physical condition, which prompted the DSLSA and the High Court to intervene.’

Babli, 29, was one of the six women hired to work at Mittal’s office and up until that point had struggled to find work because of she is trans.

Leaving home at a young age of because of family rejection, Babli has struggled to make a living ever since.

‘They could not accept the fact that I could belong to a third gender. I had to leave and fend for myself so I joined an orchestra. Later, I had issues with the Hijra community I was a part of,’ Babli told The Times of India.

‘No one gave me a job because of my gender,’ Babli told The Hindu.

Not only was she rejected from her biological family but also her Hijra (trans) community. The Hijras expected her follow a strict set of rules, but Babli was not interested.

‘I just could not do it. Besides being a transgender, I was a human first and I wanted my freedom,’ she said.