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Delhi orders probe into gay ‘cure’ racket

Delhi orders probe into gay ‘cure’ racket

The Delhi government has vowed to investigate a gay ‘cure’ racket in the city after a newspaper exposé of the unethical practice triggered an avalanche of public outrage.

Conversion therapy has been discredited by virtually all mainstream health agencies both in India and abroad.

‘We will surely investigate the matter and the doctors found guilty would not be spared,’ Delhi Health Minister Satyendar Kumar Jain told the Mail Today.

‘Such cases are reported mostly to the Medical Council of India. On Wednesday [27 May], we had an Assembly session. But we will get to the bottom of it.’

The paper exposed several clinics — some in affluent areas of South Delhi – that offered a ‘total cure’ for homosexuality.

Dr Vinod Raina of Safe Hands claimed to have ‘cured’ more than 1,000 gay men and women over the past 15 years.

The sexologist said homosexuality was a ‘hormonal imbalance’ and patients who had the ‘determination and will-power to get treated’ could be ‘cured’ within just four to five months.

‘We take blood samples of the patients and carry out all hormone tests. If there is an imbalance, we work on it,’ he said.

‘We then work on carbohydrates, vitamins, protein and all other substances that are related to stress disorders and tell the patients to improve lifestyle medications.’

Dr Nagendra Kumar of Radha Poly Clinic in Mahipalpur prescribed Oleanz for homosexuality, even though the drug – used to treat mental disorders – can cause serious side-effects such as seizures, changes in vision and breathing difficulty.

Dr Dilbag Clinic in Uttam Nagar advertised a ‘cure’ for homosexuality, which it describes as the root cause of many ‘complicated diseases,’ in just a month for as little as Rs 2,100 ($33). 

LGBTI rights activist Ashok Row Kavi called for practitioners of conversion therapy to be prosecuted.

‘It is a criminal act. It is not allowed under any medical practice and is prohibited in the whole of Europe,’ he said.

‘We are seeing a lot of young males being subjected to electric shock treatment in Mumbai.’