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Demi Lovato angers Russians, amuses everyone else with Putin ‘gay kiss’

Demi Lovato angers Russians, amuses everyone else with Putin ‘gay kiss’

Russians are attacking Demi Lovato after one of her dancers, wearing a Vladimir Putin mask, kissed another man.

During a performance of her Pride anthem, Really Don’t Care, two of her male backing dancers shared a kiss.

One of them was naked apart from a portrait of Putin attached to his underwear.

Thousands of her fans tweeted using the hashtag #DemiHurtsRussianLovatics, saying they were angry about the incident.

‘She has no right to act this way. This has nothing to do with politics,’ one said. ‘She should continue singing and leave politicians to deal with their countries laws on their own.

‘What has she achieved?… If she’s trying to protect gay rights, she’d better find another way.

‘Offending the president of a foreign country is unacceptable’.

Others were less than coherent, using social media to send insults and threats over the incident.

And others even suggested she should be banned from Russia full stop.

‘Because of this the fans have turned their backs on her and she will very likely be banned from entering out country,’ one said.

‘And then they might ban all foreign artists. Bravo Demi.’

On Twitter, the singer has defended herself against the negative tweets.

She denied she used offensive language to describe the Russian president, but added:

‘I did have Putin struttin in a rainbow thong. Get your facts straight bitchesss.’