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Demi Lovato talks dating and being single in new documentary

Demi Lovato talks dating and being single in new documentary

Demi Lovato's documentary is available to watch now on YouTube

Singer Demi Lovato‘s talks about her new life as a single women in her new documentary.

Simply Complicated came out yesterday (17 October).

Demi explains she is now on the dating app Raya. The app is known for being a private membership app for people in creative industries.

She explains: ‘I am on the dating app with both guys and girls. I am open to human connection. So whether that’s through a male or female, it doesn’t matter to me.’

Kelsey Kershner, Demi’s assistant, recalled of one night at an event where ‘there were four suitors in the crowd.’

She explained: ‘They were all in separate places throughout the crowd, which I strategically placed… They all wanted to visit her in the dressing room, all at separate times of course.

So we had to co-ordinate to make sure some visited her before the show, some visited her after the show. Luckily, all went well.’

Demi corrected her, explaining it was actually just two guys.

She also stated: ‘My theory is, you can’t win if you don’t play the game.’

It is refreshing for fans to see the star talking so candidly about dating.

Previously in her career, she has been very selective about what information she chooses to share when it comes to dating.

The documentary see’s her friends declare ‘single Demi is fun!’

‘When I feel sexy, watch out’

There’s a lighthearted scene when she’s choosing an outfit for a date.

Her stylist asks ‘Cleavage?’

Her response: ‘Always.’

Eventually, the singer settles on a ‘close the deal’ dress.

Demi Lovato has explained previously, if she were to ever address her sexuality then it would be on her own terms.

There was excitement in the build up to the release of the documentary as she teased these scenes where she talked frankly.

Demi Lovato began dating actor Wilmer Valderrama in 2010. The couple broke up in 2016.

Now she’s single, Demi explained: ‘There’s a certain stigma around women having casual sex. And for me, I just feel like it’s my body and my choice.’

She finished up by announcing: ‘When I’m comfortable in my own skin, I feel confident. And when I feel confident, I feel sexy. And when I feel sexy, watch out.’

Watch the documentary now.