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Denali Berries Stuckey is the 12th trans person killed in the US in 2019

Denali Berries Stuckey is the 12th trans person killed in the US in 2019

Denali Berries Stuckey

Denali Berries Stuckey, a black transgender woman, was shot and killed in the early morning hours in South Carolina on Saturday (20 July). She is now the 12th known transgender victim of fatal violence in the US this year.

Police found Stuckey’s body around 4 am EST in North Charleston, according to local news reports. The investigation is ongoing and authorities currently have no suspects.

No more details of Stuckey’s death have been revealed, except for that she was shot and died of her wounds. Police are asking for the public to contact them if they have any information.

More than 140 transgender people have been killed in the US since 2013. Of those, two-thirds were the victims of gun violence.

People remember Stuckey

‘I am heartbroken and outraged by the news of yet another murder of one of our transgender community members,’ said Chase Glenn, Executive Director of Alliance for Full Acceptance, an LGBTI organization in South Carolina.

‘Denali is the third known black trans woman to have been murdered in South Carolina since 2018.’

Pose actor Indya Moore posted about her on Twitter.

Activist Ashlee Marie Preston also did, writing: ‘We don’t deserve death. We deserve, jobs, housing, healthcare, and social support. More importantly—we deserve love.’

Victims are largely young

Stuckey was only 29 when she was killed. The life expectancy of transgender people in the US is just 35-years-old and it’s worse for trans women of color worldwide.

Recently, over 300 supporters turned out at a vigil in June to mourn the loss of transgender woman Zoe Spears and another trans Maryland woman, Ashanti Carmon.

At the first Democratic debate in June, one candidate — Cory Booker — brought up the violence against the transgender community.

‘We do not talk enough about Trans Americans, especially African-American trans Americans. And the incredibly high rate of murder right now,’ he said.

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