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Denmark gay bar keeps on banning 'straight' kisses

The Never Mind Bar's policy is still splitting the Danish LGBT community in Copenhagen

Denmark gay bar keeps on banning 'straight' kisses

A gay bar which banned ‘straight kisses’ in Copenhagen, Denmark, is still splitting the LGBT community of the Danish capital.

Gay guide Homotropolis told GSN: ‘It’s not a written ban, it’s an unwritten rule, it’s always up to the owner to decide wether the customers are crossing the limits or not.

‘We haven’t received any complaints from our readers.’

But the capital’s LGBT community is still split between those in favor and those against the rule.

The Never Mind case made the news a couple of months ago, when Homotropolis reported the story of a ‘straight’ kiss being banned by a bouncer. The couple was evicted from the bar.

But now, as Homotropolis confirms, the owner Christian Carlsen’s ban ‘is still going on.’

Internet forums and blogs are still deriding the ban.

In an e-mail to an LGBT Danish association, Carlsen wrote: ‘There are not many gay places left in Copenhagen.

‘Never Mind is one of the places remaining and it is important to the gay community that Never Mind is kept as a gay place.

‘So it is therefore not allowed for heterosexuals to kiss and so on in Never Mind.’

Steffan, a Danish man living in Italy, wrote on one forum: ‘The Never Mind website says that “everybody is welcome” and that “we care about every guest”.

‘This has not been the case.’ 

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