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Denmark to host mass gay weddings to celebrate Eurovision

Denmark to host mass gay weddings to celebrate Eurovision

Denmark is celebrating hosting the campest competition of the year by staging a series of massive Eurovision weddings.

Leading up to the grand final in May, the city of Copenhagen will be offering foreign gay and straight couples to marry.

‘Since 2010, we have had a lot of success marrying same-sex and opposite-sex pairs in the open air at selected locations in Copenhagen,’ Thomas Jakobsen, the director of Copenhagen’s Citizen Service, told DR.

‘As a city, we put a lot of effort into making everyone welcome and the Eurovision Song Contest is an excellent opportunity to offer weddings.’

Denmark is aiming to celebrate 25 years since the first civil partnership, the first same-sex union ever that took place in 1989.

2013’s Eurovision held in Sweden was the gayest competition yet with Finland’s Krista Siegfrids causing controversy by kissing one of her female dancers live on stage in front of 60 million viewers.

When she spoke to Gay Star News, she revealed it was an act of protest against homophobic laws around the world and to call for global marriage equality.

Eurovision organizers have also revealed they are doing their part to protest against homophobic legislation.

Last year, international song contest organizers raised concerns over Russia’s gay propaganda laws.

They warned if Russia fails to guarantee full creative freedom and make sure no gay person would be arrested under the homophobic legislation, like they have failed to do so at the Sochi Olympics, then they would be banned from hosting the contest.