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Dennis Hastert sentenced to 15 months in jail – sex abuse victim speaks out

Dennis Hastert sentenced to 15 months in jail – sex abuse victim speaks out

The former Speaker of the US House of Representatives was sentenced in Chicago today to 15 months in prison for a multi-million dollar hush money scheme created to cover up allegations of sexual abuse.

Dennis Hastert was called a ‘serial child molester’ by Judge Thomas M. Durkin who also ordered the former lawmaker to undergo sex offender treatment and imposed a $250,000 fine which will go to crime victims fund.

Hastert, 74, admitted to agreeing to pay his one-time student $3.5 million then lying to federal authorities about the bank withdrawals related to the payments.

Hastert apologized in court and said he accepted the sentence, according to the Associated Press.

The former student, known only as Individual A is legal filings, had received $1.7 million in payments from Hastert and this week sued the former high school teacher and wrestling coach for the balance.

Four victims in all are part of the federal complaint against Hastert who could not be prosecuted for the molestation because of statute of limitation laws.

Another of the four victims in the criminal and the sister of a victim spoke at the sentencing.

Scott Cross, identified only as Individual D by prosecutors, said he decided to speak out because Hastert had reached out to his lawmaker brother – former Illinois House Republican leader Tom Cross – for a letter of support.

Scott Cross, 53, was on the Yorkville High School wrestling team in the 1970s and said in court that Hastert fondled him on a locker room table after practice.

Tom Cross released a statement Wednesday saying the family is proud Scott had ‘the courage to relive this very painful part of his life” so justice could be done.’

Hastert was the longest-serving Republican speaker and was second in the line of succession to the US presidency.