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Who is Derek Wanker and what’s his explicit new pop video all about?

Who is Derek Wanker and what’s his explicit new pop video all about?

The video for the track Better from A Horse With A Horn, aka Derek Wanker

Los Angeles-based electro-pop artist A Horse With A Horn is the creation of Derek Wanker.

He’s just dropped a video for his new track, Better. In his own words, it’s an explicit ‘bubblegum pink, make-out orgy turned satanic BDSM kiki’ which features adult entertainment star Adam Ramzi and bisexual YouTuber RJ Aguiar.

Meet Derek Wanker

The 30-year-old grew up in Oklahoma City but relocated to California in 2014. He tells GSN he’s been performing since he was a young child, and was writing music with bands since the age of 12. He graduated to writing and producing his own electropop at 18.

Oh, and in case British readers were wondering, Wanker was not born with that surname!

‘Wanker is my self-given name from college,’ he tells Gay Star News. My real last name, which I would rather not say, starts with a W but I have no real connection to it. It’s just my mother’s last name from her first husband and my sister’s father.

‘So as a joke I changed my last name on facebook to Wanker. I was watching a lot of British television and I’m a bit crass so it was suiting.

‘It started to stick with my friends in Oklahoma. When I moved to Los Angeles it was all anybody met me as so it kind of just became my name. Even my mom will call me Wanker every now and then.’

Derek Wanker, aka A Horse With A Horn
Derek Wanker, aka A Horse With A Horn (Photo: Supplied)

‘I thought I knew better’ 

Wanker says he’s keen to create specifically queer content. He put out some material last year, but new track Better is his first with a video. He’s currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter to properly produce his first album.

‘Better is about feeling like a boy had screwed me over and over, but I kept letting him hang around and tried to be friends with him. But, of course, the same behavior happened repeatedly.’

It’s a situation many other gay men will relate to.

‘The lyrics “I thought you were better, I thought I knew better” is simply saying I kept giving you the benefit of the doubt because I thought you would prove to better, but obviously I did not know anything,’ admits Wanker.

‘The song is also a story about me doing the same thing to someone else. We’ve all thought we were better than our actions or our judgement at some point in time. It’s about coming to this realization and trying to grow from it.’

‘I shouldn’t think of myself as better than anyone’

Wanker co-created the video with his friend and filmmaker, Ruben Samuel Cortez.

‘The idea was that I wanted to portray a man thinking he was better than all the sexual activity literally happening on top of him, only to realize he was just like them, and maybe even more extreme.

‘For me, the video was me addressing any feelings of superiority I have ever had over anyone, especially when discovering my own sexual being. It allowed me to tell myself that I shouldn’t think of myself as better than anyone in that aspect, or any really.

‘Though that is far from a recent revelation, I thought it would make for an interesting and sexy storyline for the music video.’

Derek Wanker
Derek Wanker (Photo: Supplied)

A collaborative project

He says the men in the video are all friends.

‘One is even my best friend, Adam Smith, whose wedding I am in as his Best Man in June. Enrique Jesus Hernandez I do music stuff with around LA. One is a good friend, Brent Bailey, who is also a Director of Photography.

‘Adam Ramzi, who happens to be an adult film actor, has been a near and dear friend of mine for years. And RJ Aguiar and I met years ago at some party where we talked sexuality and politics and later did a weird little photoshoot with an octopus.

‘My boyfriend was actually supposed to be in it, but unfortunately scheduling didn’t work out, so I guess he has to wait until the next one. But, yeah, it was an extremely fun day of filming.’

Wanker is now concentrating on producing his album and hopes to have a second track out in April. Follow him on Instagram (@ahorsewithahorn).

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