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5 designers we loved at London Fashion Week Men's Collection

Check out some of the latest trends from London Fashion Week Men's Collection

5 designers we loved at London Fashion Week Men's Collection
Photo courtesy of Ella Dror
London Fashion Week Men's Collection 2017.

All the stylish and dapper gentlemen were out in full force this past weekend as London unveiled the newest Men’s Collection with vibrant catwalk shows and jamming showcase rooms.

After an eventful weekend of watching men walk up and down catwalks and posing for pictures I’ve grouped together my top five favorite designers from London Men’s Collection.

Bobby Abley

Bobby Abley’s designs draw inspiration from the mutli-colored Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Abley blends whimsical imagery with a contemporary feel that will appease anyone who loves color. Being a child of the 90s this entire collection was a walk down memory lane that got me ready to drop some serious cash on some of his pieces.

It's morphin time!

It’s morphin time!

The designer channels the Power Ranger’s dinosaur motifs along with his BA monogram to bring to life a collection full of vibrancy and fun while maintaining a hip edge.

Showcasing the BA monogram.

Showcasing the BA monogram.

This collection introduces faux-fur panels for the winter season.

Showing the midriff.

Showing the midriff.

For the full collection of Bobby Abley click here.


The Sibling collection is inspired by Antoni Gaudi’s iconic mosaic pattern. The entire collection is a mish-mash of colors and patterns, dubbed Mental Mosaics, that range from casual to super chic. The show featured key pieces, from stylish bomber jackets to sleek slacks, that are sure to make a statement.

The jacket is inspired by Gaudi's iconic mosaics.

The jacket is inspired by Gaudi’s iconic mosaics.

The graphics dominate each outfit to create a bold style with a classic look.

The mosaic print on men's trousers.

The mosaic print on men’s trousers.

Gaudy zebra stripes are combined with a sequinned navy sweater to produce a dashing outfit for a night out on the town. This is by far our favorite outfit from the entire collection. I want!

We want this now!

We want this now!

For the full Sibling range click here.


The KTZ show is always a highlight of London Men’s Collection. This year the KTZ collection featured one key element—men’s corsets. The corsets, with the exterior, intricate threading, straddling the line between ninja and samurai: clothing for superheroes with a sharp fashion sense.

Men's corsets are in.

Men’s corsets are in.

The collection’s color palette stays focused on black and white. The outerwear give a sense of mystery and danger.

Stylish and dangerous.

Stylish and dangerous.

When it did break away from black and white, KTZ kept the mood muted with grey and military-green tones.

It's time for men to wear corsets.

It’s time for men to wear corsets.

For the full KTZ collection click here.


The Songzio collection draws from paintings, created by Zio Song himself, to form a fusion of modernist clothing and abstract art. The brand infuses menswear with a jolt of high fashion in the form of free flowing shirts coupled with voluminous trousers and oversized coats.

Winter is coming.

Winter is coming.

The designer uniquely designed his coats to fall strongly from the shoulder as if they were a cape.

A dramatic new style for men's coats.

A dramatic new style for men’s coats.

The one-of-a-kind prints turn a men’s suit into a dramatic piece of art.

Suit up.

Suit up.

For the full Songzio collection click here.

Liam Hodges

Dystopia Lives was the theme for Liam Hodges presentation at London Men’s Collection. The collection has a Mad Max vibe throughout with its industrial and military feel.

The collection focuses on the sense of individuality that will allow each person to make the outfit their own. The puffa jackets are designed without collars so that they can easily be worn with a hoodie.

Hodges' collection is military inspired.

Hodges’ collection is military inspired.

Hodges conveys a post apocalyptic world with his use of forest, olive, and acid green colors.

The entire collection featured a camouflage color palette.

The entire collection featured a camouflage color palette.

Hodges trousers and jumpers features flat knits, small rib, big rib, and horizontal rib knits that create a sense of survival and disarray.

The knitwear is a combination of wools and cotton.

The knitwear is a combination of wools and cotton.

For the full Liam Hodges collection click here.

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