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Despite setback, North Carolina’s incoming governor still vows to get HB2 repealed

Despite setback, North Carolina’s incoming governor still vows to get HB2 repealed

Roy Cooper defeated incumbent Pat McCrory to become governor of North Carolina.

North Carolina’s Governor-elect Roy Cooper is not giving up on getting House Bill (HB2) repealed.

A day after the state’s Senate voted down the motion to repeal the controversial so-called ‘bathroom bill,’ Cooper said: ‘It was our best chance to get this done, but it cannot be our only chance.’

‘When I get sworn in next year, we’re going to work to get this repealed,’ he tells National Public Radio.

‘Because, number one, it discriminates against people and it’s wrong in and of itself. But we know that this is costing us and we’ve got to fix it.’

A plan by North Carolina Republicans to repeal the state’s sweeping anti-LGBTI measure ran afoul this week with Democrats who charged that they had reneged on a promise for a full appeal of HB2.

HB2 forces transgender people to use a bathroom matching their gender at birth and strips cities of the right to pass anti-discrimination ordinances protecting LGBTI people.

It has badly damaged the state’s reputation and hurt its economy.

‘House Bill 2 does not reflect who we are as North Carolinians,’ Cooper said. ‘We want people of all kinds to be here. We’re open for business. And I’m going to keep working very hard to get this repealed.’

But can the Democrat Cooper, who beat incumbent Pat McCrory in a close election last month, work with Republicans who are expected to fight him at every turn.

‘I’m going to fight them toe-to-toe on issues we disagree with,’ he says.

‘But if there are areas where we can work together and we can find agreement, I will. And I think that’s the kind of leadership that people want our elected officials to show.’