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Did gay sheriff Paul Babeau have relationship with student?

Did gay sheriff Paul Babeau have relationship with student?

Pinal County Sheriff and Arizona congressional candidate Paul Babeau has been determined to save his political career despite the fallout from allegations that he threatened to have a former boyfriend deported.

But BaBeau may have more political problems to deal with now that it has been reported that he had a relationship with a male student during the time he was headmaster at DeSisto School in Stockbridge, Mass. more than 10 years ago.

ABC15 in Arizona reports that the sheriff's older sister, Lucy BaBeau, told them she confronted her brother after she discovered the student living with her brother.

'I said, 'What is this student from DeSisto doing here?' He says, ‘Lucy, he's my boyfriend. I love him’. I said, 'Paul get a hold of yourself here. You were his teacher! You were his Executive Director! You can't do this.''

The former student was 17 at the time which is the legal age of consent in Massachusetts. He has not been publicly identified and declined to be interviewed by ABC15.

Babeau was headmaster and executive director of the school from 1999-2001 and he has touted his experience there on his campaign website.

What is not mentioned on the website is that Massachusetts Office of Child Care Services launched an investigation into repeated allegations of abuse while BaBeau was still there and the school was closed down three years after he left.

BaBeau's political travails began earlier this month when Phoenix New Times ran the story in which the lawman's former boyfriend, Jose Orozco, accused him of asking him to sign an agreement not to publicly discuss their relationship. When the offer was refused, he says Babeu, and his lawyer, allegedly threatened him with deportation.

Babeu, who now publicly acknowledges that he is gay, disputes the allegation and vowed to continue his run for congress. But he did resign from his position as chairman the Mitt Romney's presidential effort in Arizona where the Republican presidential primary takes place on Tuesday (28 February).