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Did Soho’s most famous gay restaurant really kick out a male couple for kissing?

Did Soho’s most famous gay restaurant really kick out a male couple for kissing?

The management of the most famous ‘gay’ restaurant in London’s Soho has been forced to deny claims they booted out a same-sex couple for kissing.

The allegations made last night are already creating a storm on social media.

A woman, who has asked not to be named, claims staff in Balans ‘hustled out’ her two gay friends because ‘they have been seen kissing and that was offensive to the general people at the bar’.

The woman says she asked to speak to the manager to discuss the matter who allegedly claimed he had to ‘consider the needs of his customers, who might be offended’.

Several people at nearby tables reportedly backed the woman when she said this was a strange stance to take for a gay-friendly restaurant in the middle of Soho; she claims she was then ‘physically removed’ from the building by Balans’s security staff.

She even claims one bouncer at the venue said: ‘This fat dyke was looking out for them, she needs to eat the shit of my shoes, she should get raped on the way home.’ However, Gay Star News should note this is entirely unsubstantiated and she provides no proof beyond her claim.

Balans disputes all her claims and says the incident was about other ‘behavior’, not kissing.

Earlier this morning Balans sent a tweet denying any homophobia but said they were investigating the matter.

They were not available to speak to Gay Star News, but posted a statement on their Facebook page.

‘We would like to reassure our guest that last night’s incident at our Soho restaurant between three customers and a member of our security team was a behavioural issue,’ the statement reads.

‘It’s a shame that it’s being described as a homophobic issue as all of the staff involved, including the security staff, are gay.

‘We do not tolerate certain behavior in our restaurants from our guests regardless of their sex or sexuality. We also do not tolerate abusive behavior towards our staff, which we feel was the core issue at hand.

‘There are very serious allegations but allegations they are and further investigation will take time but we will pursue this issue as it acts against our core values. We are treating this as a priority.’

GSN is awaiting further comment from Balans.