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Gym sex happens more often than you think

Do you dress to impress at the gym? A new survey finds 40% of guys have hooked up when they work out

Gym sex happens more often than you think
Differio/Picture posed by model
How do you work up a sweat at the gym?

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For some, going to the gym is about reaping these benefits and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. For others, the gym is just another place to have sex!

Differio, stylish menswear site, just released a new survey asking gym-goers if they’ve ever hooked up with someone at the gym. Surprisingly, a majority of pollers admitted that sex is an activity they’d actually consider.

The results revealed:

  • 40% of gym-goers have hooked up with someone and had sex at the gym
  • 35% said they’ve never hooked up with anyone there, but wouldn’t mind if it happened.
  • 19% of pollers said they’re only focused on working out.
  • 6% admitted they’ve hooked up with a fellow gym-goer, but only exchanged numbers at the facility.

Moreover, the survey asked if they preferred wearing comfortable or sexy workout clothes at the gym. Forty per cent said that comfort is priority over appearance. However, 60% revealed that they’d rather wear sexy clothing just in case they meet someone they want to impress.

If you’re fed up with dating apps or the bar scene, it seems like gym hookups could be another way to meet people with similar interests and lifestyles.

Hot workout gear

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Moreover, if you’re part of the majority that’s cool with gym hookups, Differio carries erotic gear that’ll send your workout style over the edge. For leather lovers, you need to check out the Maskulo collection of men’s compression pants with thigh and crotch enhancers and workout armbands for storing small items (like condoms).

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According to these survey results, it might be time to throw out that old t-shirt with the armpit hole and invest in clothing that does your body justice.

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