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Using digital marketing to promote your business

Using digital marketing to promote your business

Using digital marketing to promote your business

Content marketing is one of those things that a lot of people talk about, and you know that you probably should be doing, but it’s not easy to know where to start.

Even if you’ve already done the research, and you know who your target audience is, and the messages that you want to promote, how do you go about creating and distributing the content you need?

One of the tools that many businesses are finding a useful starting point is SeedingUp. Here’s a quick guide on some of the benefits of this kind of content marketing platform:

Why is content marketing important?

The evolving digital media landscape has seen consumers overwhelmed by an increasing volume of advertising and messaging in every aspect of their life. The result is that it is getting harder and harder for advertisers to effectively convey their messages to consumers – advertising becomes a form of white noise, or technology such as ad-blockers removes the advertising completely.

Content marketing enables advertisers to engage with audiences in a meaningful way – presenting their messages within content that connects with the target audience.

How do you distribute content?

Content marketing platforms such as SeedingUp connect you with publishers who have an established audience. Your content is going to have much more potential value and reach if it is published and distributed by a site that already has a loyal audience interested in what they have to say.

Isn’t everyone pivoting to video?

While a professionally written and engaging article is an effective way of conveying your messages to your target audience, there is an industry-wide trend towards video content.

Much of the move to video is being driven by social media platforms who are finding that audiences respond better to visual rather than written content.

Platforms such as SeedingUp enable you to use video as an additional dimension in your content marketing strategy. You can place your marketing messages with Youtubers and Influencers who are experienced at creating influencer video content that will appeal to their existing audiences.

How do you measure success?

As with any marketing initiative, you need to be able to identify your ROI or Return On Investment in order to be able to measure whether the activity has been successful or not. What those measures should look like will depend on what your objectives are – it could be something like newsletter sign-ups, sales leads generated, or improvements in SEO rankings.

The important thing is to think long-term with your content marketing – it takes time and persistence to reach your target audience. Try different types of content, different types of publishers, and test different approaches. If you’re responsible for marketing what your business can do, then putting a content marketing strategy in place is a sensible place to start.

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