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Digital Pride: Global LGBTI event announces dates for 2019

Digital Pride: Global LGBTI event announces dates for 2019

This LGBTI message will be screened across Digital Pride week

Digital Pride will return in 2019, from Monday 29 April to Sunday 5 May.

The event next year will build on a phenomenally successful 2018.

This year, we reached 85,349,850 around the world. That is a third year of growth after we reaching 55.5million in 2017 and 25million in 2016, our first year.

The 2018 record-breaking year included Digital Pride taking over huge screens in New York’s Time Square.

Moreover, we broadcast a social media message calling for ‘freedom, protection and equality’ for all LGBTI people. This social ‘Thunderclap’ reached over 33 million people.

You can find out more about what we did at Digital Pride in 2018 here.

Watch just some of the Digital Pride stories from the event here:

What is Digital Pride?

Gay Star News created Digital Pride as the world’s first LGBTI Pride event that is completely online.

That means you can be part of it whoever and wherever you are. It’s a Pride people can celebrate if they are in a country where LGBTI people are criminalized or in danger. But equally, it’s a Pride you can participate in from your bedroom.

What is more, Digital Pride is an event full of music, films, art, dancing, and culture. It includes opportunities to discuss the big issues facing LGBTI people around the world. And it offers participants the chance to campaign for LGBTI freedom and equality.

Join Digital Pride 2019

We rely on artists, activists, performers, and normal members of the public to make Digital Pride a success. If you’d like to take part in 2019, you can email [email protected]

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Digital Pride also relies on our sponsors. Their support empowers us to provide a free event for everyone.

In 2018, Digital Pride was sponsored by Barclays, npower, Royal Bank of Scotland, Heathrow, Celebrity Cruises, Skittles, Age UK, Hoseasons, Digitas,, Deloitte, Royal Mail, Pink Lady and Inclusive Retreats.

If your company or organization wants to be part of Digital Pride 2019, you can email [email protected]

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