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Digital Pride brings same-sex intimacy to Times Square

Digital Pride brings same-sex intimacy to Times Square

How one of the billboards in Times Square, New York City, will appear

Two women tenderly hold one another in a video produced as part of the 2019 Digital Pride campaign.

The short video clip airs from today until Sunday in Times Square, New York City.

Hundreds of thousands of people daily will see the call to action as part of Gay Star News’s Digital Pride festival. The week-long, online event takes place every year. It offers an opportunity for the global LGBTI communities to participate in a Pride, even if they can’t physically attend a parade in real life.

The Digital Pride billboard in Canary Wharf
The 2019 Digital Pride billboard in Canary Wharf in East London (Photo: OceanOutdoor)

Lonely in a crowd?

‘Lonely in a crowd?’ asks the video? ‘Reach out to a friend.

‘LGBTI together, not alone.’

The message will be seen on Thomas Reuters billboards in Times Square, as well as in Canary Wharf, London, all this week.

Digital Pride display at Canary Wharf, London
At Canary Wharf, London (Image: InLink)

It features dancers Kimberley Collins, who is bi, and Molly McGibbons, who is lesbian. The two women run the Unapologetic UK dance company. They choreographed a piece especially for Digital Pride. The full video will be shared on social media as part of the festival.

More than half a million (an estimated 560,000) people will see the billboards in London. It is possible around 2.7 million people will walk past the billboards in New York City.

‘Loneliness affects us all at some point in our lives’

Tris Reid-Smith, editor-in-chief of GSN and co-founder of Digital Pride, said:

‘On the surface, it’s easier for many in our community to connect to other LGBTI people than ever before. But sadly, many of those connections are limited to speaking to someone who lives in a small cube on your phone. While it can be amazing when you do meet up, it can also go the other way and leave you feeling more lonely and disappointed than before.

‘Loneliness affects us all at some point in our lives and that’s particularly important in a community like ours where people are more likely to suffer from poor mental health.

‘But there is something we can do about it. We hope Digital Pride will spark a conversation about how to tackle loneliness and isolation in our community. And we hope it will inspire people to reach out to a friend or acquaintance they think may be lonely or isolated.

Digital Pride, in its fourth year, is running from 29 April to 5 May.

The 2019 Digital Pride billboard in Canary Wharf in London
The 2019 Digital Pride billboard in Canary Wharf in London (Photo: OceanOutdoor)

What is Digital Pride?

Digital Pride is the online movement, by Gay Star News, so you can take part in Pride whoever and wherever you are. Even if you are from a country where being LGBTI is criminalized or leaves you in danger – it’s a Pride festival you can be a part of.

In 2019, Digital Pride is tackling loneliness and isolation with articles and videos connecting LGBTI people. Join us by reaching out to someone who needs it. The festival takes place on Gay Star News from 29 April to 5 May 2019. Find out more.

How the digital billboard will look in Times Square
The Digital Pride message in Times Square, New York City (Photo: Thomson Reuters)

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