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Why Fujitsu is winning the right way

Why Fujitsu is winning the right way

Fujitsu staff demonstrate their support for Action for Children at a Pride event in summer 2015

In July 2015 Fujitsu was very proud to be named as Business in the Community’s Responsible Business of the Year. We won the award not for a big idea or a project, but because we simply do business the right way.

We start from the belief that every decision we make as a business has an impact on people and society and we want this impact to be positive. This isn’t just the right thing to do – there are also compelling business benefits.

Just to take one example; to remain competitive in this global world we must challenge industry norms in recruiting and developing talent.

Males dominate undergraduate degrees in engineering, technology and computer science by over 80%. As an industry sector, this means we’re missing out on the skills and innovation of talented girls and women who for whatever reason have chosen a different career path.

Fujitsu is determined to do better. Our graduate female intake since 2010 averages 40%, with 50% of our 2015 intake moving into technical roles as we work towards redressing this imbalance across our sector.

We want to ensure our brand values have integrity and help attract female talent, particularly into roles that may be traditionally seen as male.

Here in the UK, we encourage young people to get into STEM careers to help fill the skills gap, with a third of our one thousand recruits in 2014 being under the age of 25.

We pay our 150 UK apprentices 50% more than the suggested minimum wage. We know the importance of training and encouraging not just our younger workers, but also our knowledgeable and loyal older workforce, with participants up to the age of 55 on our ‘future leaders’ and leadership talent programmes.

Fujitsu is a charity partner with Action for Children
Fujitsu is a charity partner with Action for Children

We have a strong reservists’ policy and relationship with Armed Forces charities, community programmes and a charity partnership with Action for Children. We also support the annual Children in Need campaign.

We ensure we deliver on all aspects of being inclusive. We recognize that individuals may have multiple identities or facets to their lives and have a variety of emerging and changing needs throughout their working lives.

This approach naturally includes creating a work environment where everyone can be themselves and minority groups are visibly supported. Our Shine LGBT+ network has a senior executive sponsor. This group (together with other groups that cover disability, gender balance and cultural diversity) works closely with the company to educate, campaign, represent, support and provide signposting – both for those who identify as LGBT+ and for the wider organization.

We know diverse and inclusive teams outperform homogenous ones and we want to continually develop in recognition of this.

We understand that not everyone who identifies as LGBT+ is out in the workplace, and may choose to keep this part of their identity private. Our job as an inclusive employer is to give employees the support and respect to decide when and how to disclose should they wish to.

This equally applies to colleagues who may have a disability or health condition, those who may have caring responsibilities and other situations.

We do this because we start with the belief that it is our mission to help bring ideas and technology together to enable us all to thrive in our future digital world. One aspect of this is our focus on global megatrends – those big issues challenging our societies such as energy, healthcare, urban migration and the ageing population.

At Fujitsu we have a responsibility to use the power of technology to help solve these social problems and secure a prosperous, positive world for future generations.

All of this starts with our people, which is why we aim to recruit the very best creative talent by creating a truly inclusive workplace. This is no lip service exercise but a very deliberate strategy. That’s why we are proud to support Digital Pride.

You can explore career opportunities on the Fujitsu website.

Fujitsu is a supporter of Digital Pride, a unique LGBT festival being organized by Gay Star News and running 25-30 April 2016

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