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Inside The Dinah Shore, the wildest festival for lesbian and bi women

Inside The Dinah Shore, the wildest festival for lesbian and bi women

Every year thousands of lesbians, bisexuals, queers, trans women, nonbinary and allies converge on Palm Springs, California for the notorious five-day event known as The Dinah Shore.

The Dinah Shore has existed as a haven for lesbians and bisexual women since its inception in 1991. Women flock here for the euphoric sense of community and a non-stop party with music, dance acts, drinks and special acts.

However, Dinah Shore – hosted on 4 April until 8 April in 2019 – has slowly transformed into one of the best music festivals in the US, with powerhouse acts on their line up every year.

The Dinah Shore-17

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Enter Dinah

Thursday through Sunday, The Dinah is split up into two halves of the day. The first half is the world-famous pool party at the Hilton Hotel.

From 10am to sundown, DJs keep the crowd and the famous Dinah Dancers – a collection of dancers from all over the map who are as aesthetically pleasing as they are talented – moving. They keep the vibe fun, flirty, and upbeat.

The Dinah Shore-4

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The stage hosts the likes of Rosa Garcia from The Real L Word and Kaycee Clark-the winner of Big Brother. They’ll keep the ladies entertained before stage acts like Kodie Shane, Bri Steves, Dorian Electra, and Kiana Lede take over. These powerful acts cement exactly why the Dinah Shore has become one of the best lesbian music festivals.

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The second part of the day takes us just down the road to The Palm Springs Convention Center, where they host the truly epic parties. This year, the Friday party kicked off with comedy acts Chaunte Wayans, and the hilarious Fortune Feimster. The Friday night’s theme was The Black and White Ball, followed by Saturday’s theme of The Hollywood Party.

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Everyone dressed to impress and once the main stage opened, we were led into a neon-soaked room. The Dinah Dancers, accompanied by the best DJs, ignited the evening with hard hitting beats and hypnotic hips. Leikeli47 stormed the stage Friday night to an absolutely ridiculous crowd of women ready to party and dance. With her signature ski-mask on and booming beats, she brought the house down.

The Dinah SHore-8

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Saturday provided one of the true highlights, with Grammy award-winning artist, Daya, leading the audience on a pulse-pounding montage of all her hits. Don’t Let Me Down and Sit Still Look Pretty were the show stoppers. But her new single, Insomnia, was a great surprise that got the crowd jumping. Once the acts finished, the Dinah DJs and Dancers took us into the early hours of the morning each night.

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It’s the community

It’s hard to say what the best part of the weekend was. There were too many moments, too many incredible acts, too many great songs, too many wonderful people to pick just one.

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But there are a few takeaways from this weekend. Firstly, The Dinah Shore is one of the best weekends dedicated to the lesbian and bisexual community in the world. From the workers keeping everything running smoothly and safely, to the Dinah Dancers and DJ’s working their butts off all weekend to ensure everyone is having a good time.

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The DInah Shore-7

Also, the musical guests giving their a-game on stage. And The Dinah Shore attendees, who made the atmosphere so welcoming it felt like no one was a stranger.

Ultimately, the kindness, love, and inclusivity in Palm Springs was something I’ve never experienced. Strangers became acquaintances, acquaintances became friends, and friends became family, and I, for one, am excited to do it again next year!

All words and photos by Megan Williams.

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