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Disco fever is back for Brighton Pride

Disco fever is back for Brighton Pride

This year, Pride Brighton & Hove promises to return louder and prouder with ‘The World is a Disco’ parade.

Taking place on Saturday 2 of August, 2014’s LGBTI community pride march will celebrate music and dance from around the world, as well as bring attention to global LGBTI communities whose basic rights to party and live freely are denied.

Paul Kemp, Pride Festival Director said: ‘This year we have much to celebrate around the UK, with same sex marriage equality and our freedom to live.’

‘However in 78 countries around the world LGBT communities still face discrimination imprisonment and even death because of their sexual orientation.’

With 160,000 expected participants, the Pride festival in Preston Park promises to exceed last year’s success with extended opening times and lots music and fun.

There will be various entertainment areas featuring cabaret, funfair, and market areas sas well as a main stage filled with live acts and special guests.

The disco-themed parade is only one out of the many events that will take place during the two-week Brighton Pride fundraising festival.

Last year, a record of £43,000 ($71,700 and €52,200) was raised for LGBT and HIV community groups. This year, Pride hopes to go beyond and raise even more by campaigning, celebrating, and partying.

To buy tickets, visit Brighton Pride’s website. Registration is now open to be in the parade. Email here for more info.

For more information on Brighton Pride & Hove, check out Brighton Pride’s Facebook page and Twitter.