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Disney actor gives best response to criticism for playing a gay character

Disney actor gives best response to criticism for playing a gay character

Disney's Andi Mack character comes out as gay

Joshua Rush, the actor playing Disney Channel’s first openly gay character, has no time for people’s criticism of his character or show.

Rush, 17, plays the character Cyrus Goodman on the show Andi Mack.

In October 2017, the Disney Channel made history when it aired its first ever coming out scene with Cyrus. More recently, it made history again when Cyrus told his friends: ‘I’m gay.’

It’s the first time Disney has ever had a character explicitly state their sexuality.

While many applauded the progress, not everyone did.

In a now-deleted tweet, a user said the show has shared some ‘very good messages’ but ‘introducing gays is a very poor example to the young adults watching this show’.

None other than Rush himself screenshot the tweet and added: ‘the internet is forever.’

Joshua Rush calling out criticism on Twitter
Rush calling out the criticism | Photo: Twitter @JoshuaRush

It doesn’t end there

Rush not only immortalized the comment, but responded to it with eloquence and compassion.

In his first tweet, he responded to the original user, writing: ‘Gay kids are gonna exist no matter whether you like it or not. And we need to support and love all kids in every way we can.’

He continued and explained why this show’s representation is important.

Later, he tweeted again, writing that such opinions are ‘damaging’.

LGBTI representation on television is at its highest ever, but it is not always seen abundantly in children’s programming.

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