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WATCH: Disney Channel airs network’s first ever coming out scene

WATCH: Disney Channel airs network’s first ever coming out scene

Cyrus confides in friend Buffy on Andi Mack, the Disney series Kenya banned

Disney Channel aired their first coming out scene last Friday (27 October).

The scene marked the start of the networks first LGBTI storyline.

In the season 2 premiere of Andi Mack, one of the main characters revealed he had a crush on a boy.

15-year-old Joshua Rush plays the character of 13-year-old Cyrus.

One scene in the premiere see’s Cyrus confiding in friend Buffy.

This scene is intended to provide viewers with ‘positive role models for children – and adults – watching.’

Future episodes will follow Cyrus’ journey of coming to terms with his sexuality. He will also navigate how to tell new girlfriend Iris.

To add to the plot, the boy Cyrus has a crush on (Jonah) is the same boy his best friend and main character Andi also has a crush on.

Watch the cute clip of Cyrus opening up at his feelings to friend, Buffy.

There were hints!

Twitter user’s have come out saying there were hints about Cyrus’ upcoming storyline at the end of season one.

A clip shared see’s Jonah and a friend talking.

Jonah is questioning whether main character Andi has a crush on him, like he has a crush on her.

His friend tells him if she looks back, after walking away, it means she does have a crush on him.

The next clip shows both Andi and Cyrus looking back.

Twitter is loving the storyline