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This Disney cartoon shows that boys can be princesses, too

This Disney cartoon shows that boys can be princesses, too

Princess Marco

Star vs. The Forces of Evil is a Disney Channel show that first aired in January of 2015.

The premise of the show is about a princess from another dimension who travels to Earth as a foreign exchange student. There, she becomes close with her host family’s son, Marco Diaz, and the two go on adventures together.

Like Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time and Steven Universe, Star vs. The Forces of Evil is a kid’s show that adults can enjoy as well due to the hidden adult themes. For instance, Star vs. The Forces of Evil had a very progressive moment a few months back, showing the first same-sex kiss in DIsney Channel history.

Most recently, the show aired an episode about Princess Marco Turdina.

This character is Marco’s princess alter-ego. He disguised himself as a princess in order to sneak in to St. Olga’s Reform School for Wayward Princesses. There, he started a revolution, showing the other princesses that they can be themselves.

In this new episode, Princess Marco Turdina is outed as a boy by the school’s former headmistress. But, surprisingly, Marco’s gender didn’t matter to the princesses.

The headmistress, Ms. Heinous, first tries to out Marco by showing the princesses his lone chest hair.

‘That doesn’t prove anything,’ one princess shouted in response. ‘Princesses can be hairy!’

‘Yeah! We believe in you, Turdina!’ a fellow hair-covered princess shouted in support.

‘No,’ Marco replies. ‘I lied to you,’ he says as he removes his dress and wig.

‘I am a boy.’

Gasps come from the princesses.

‘This, princesses, is why you need me running St. Olga’s,’ Ms. Heinous announces. ‘Look where all this freedom got you, living in filth and championing a hero that’s been lying to you all along.’

‘Wait, no, why does it matter if he’s a boy?’ one princess ponders. ‘Nothing he said was wrong.’

‘Yeah,’ another agrees. ‘He can think for himself and so can we.’

‘He can be a princess if he wants to!’ a third shouts in support

‘Turdina is a state of mind!’

Watch the amazing moment below: