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A distinct case of luxurious iPhone protection

Case-Mate offers luxurious smartphone cases at an affordable price and customer friendly ethic

A distinct case of luxurious iPhone protection

We all like to make sure our valuables are safely protected and love to personalise them to suit our interests, but how can we afford such necessities? The answer is simple. Consult the Case-Mate.

Case-Mate is the latest in the ever expanding line of shopping websites selling state of the art technology and any extra nick-knacks for us to keep our assets safe and clean. It specializes in selling smartphone cases for any Blackberry, iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy or HTC.

The cheapest casing available retails from £15 (€19, $23) upwards with most priced in the £25 to £30 (€31 €37 $39 $47) region. Plus the site offers free shipping to the UK and Ireland but sadly not to the USA or EU. A customer services helpline is also included for any problems with your order.

Beyond keeping our smartphones safe, Case-Mate knows we like to make them look stylish and flashy and sometimes even a little bling. Featured designers for the site include Jessica Swift, Iomoi, Cinda B and Clairebella to keep our phones as the cutting edge.

To make choosing easier, Case-Mate allows customers to choose what color or design they are looking for. Even better, the website employs a DIY (Design It Yourself) application where you can customise your phone casing by uploading your photos from Facebook or Instagram. The potential for genius or disaster is almost limitless.

Ranges of brands include anything from quirky prints to classic leather plus they offer gender customizing (if you believe in that kind of thing); so there’s something for everyone.

For more information or to sign up for their newsletter and view their blog posts simply go to their home page.