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‘Diva boy’ Brendan Jordan puts on a drag queen quiz

‘Diva boy’ Brendan Jordan puts on a drag queen quiz

Students? Class is in session and teacher Brendan Jordan wants to know if you’re ready for a test.

The video star who we like to call diva boy (check this story if you’re not up on Jordan’s wonderfulness), held a drag queen language quiz with two other video stars: Davey Wavey and Raymond Braun.

For those who forgot, Davey Wavey is the web celeb who couldn’t keep his hands off singer Steve Grand (who could?).

Mr. Braun is also a YouTube star who gets interviewed by news organizations like CNN.

The rules of the game are simple: Jordan throws out a word, and  a wrong answer means an application of pink lipstick.

Before the game even started, Braun set the tone.

"I’m not trained to be cocky, but I have seen every episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race since season one. So, I’m coming for you Dave.’

Who doesn’t like a confident pupil? That cockiness was swept away after the first word, which is ‘beat.’

Do you know what that term means? Will you pass or will your lips be covered in pink?

See the clip below: