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Do you change your look as much as Gaga?

Fancy a change? New hair color in 60 minutes

Do you change your look as much as Gaga?

Live, the expert in trendy hair color, have come up with a new product which makers Schwarzkopf claim will give your hair longer lasting intensity and shine.

Live Color XXL can transform your hair from its natural color to a vibrant new one in as little as 60 minutes.

Whether you want to go hypnotic red, cyber purple or deep black, Schwarzkopf offers a number of exciting colors to chose from.

The range covers four different product types: the Color Intense range includes pomegranate and Vitamin C-enriched dyes which are designed to dye hair extra rich, and intense colors including Absolute Purple, Cyber Purple and Cosmic Blue.

The Hot Reds range similarly brings exuberant colors that are designed to transform the user into an exciting red head.

In addition, Live offer Luminance and Unlimited Gloss. Luminance is targeted to those whose dark hair that may have trouble lightening and coloring.

And finally, Unlimited Gloss has a gloss boosting formula within its dye to give hair a glossy shine as well as strong solid color.

Hans van Bylen, managing director of the group’s cosmetics and skin care division, said: ‘Consumers are certainly right when they expect innovation and exceptional quality from Schwarzkopf. We are going to any length to meet these expectations and are very passionate about it.’

In four steps you can find your own Live XXL color by visiting their website.

Schwarzkopf’s Live Color XXL is priced at £5.49 ($9 €7).

Watch their TV ad here:

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