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Does ‘freezing’ off your fat work?

Does ‘freezing’ off your fat work?

Being a gay man in the city is an intimidating experience.

When it seems like everyone out there is constantly at the gym and you’re eating another slice of pizza, getting started can be the worst.

So when I got determined, and started running three times a week and cutting out the crap, I quickly learned I had ‘stubborn areas’.

I felt like I could crunch a thousand times a week (admittedly, I did not do this), but nope, that tum was staying put.

So I was intrigued to learn of a kick-start treatment that could freeze the fat so it can ‘flush out naturally’.

Heading to their incredibly lovely office in Harley Street, London, I had a less than pleasant arrival.

The thin, Barbie-like receptionists assumed I was there to sort my (admittedly sometimes spotty) skin out and immediately sent me in that direction.

When I finally got sent to the right place, feeling a little offended, I was greeted by a lovely, warm and smiley clinician who explained the procedure.

As she explained, the difference between Lipoglaze and liposuction is the latter has a lot of downtime.

‘It’s expensive, around eight thousand plus, as well as the potential risks that are involved. There’s infections, and you can be bed bound for six weeks and wearing those hideous garments for eight weeks.

‘This isn’t invasive, and you’re not having general aesthetic. You could be eating, watching a TV show or using your iPad during the treatment time.’

While results typically see a 26% reduction in the area treated, with some clients they see a massive 55% in some clients.

Hearing the claims, I thought, sure, Victoria Beckham probably lost a full half-inch.

But apparently, there were plenty of people like the slightly chubby me who had managed to lose a lot of weight.

So as I sat down into the dentist-looking chair, the technician prepared my stomach for some suctioning.

After cool cloths were placed and a strange vacuum was removed from its machine, I felt like I was in a science fiction film.

As it was placed on my stomach, the fat was sucked in. It wasn’t painful, or uncomfortable, just unusual.

What felt like small pool of water in the vacuum started to warm up to around 42 degrees for five minutes, and then quickly cooled down until it reached around minus eight.

And there I sat for around 45 minutes. The ‘lipo you can have in your lunch break’, as some have called it.

When I got up, it was probably mental but I did feel lighter. There was some slight redness, but that had disappeared by the evening. That was the only side effect.

Did it work? It’s difficult to give advice because, as the technician explained, the effects of the treatment could take anywhere from two weeks to three months.

The results will also only really appear as long as you have a good diet, exercise and drinking lots of water.

It all depends on the metabolism, and mine is definitely slow.

My concern was, well who is to say what was the thing that made my tum smaller? Was it the good, general, healthy living stuff or was it the treatment?

After six weeks, I can say there’s a definite flattening. Am I buff and thin yet? Sadly no.

What I can say is that it feels like a head start to giving me the body I dream about getting in the future.

If it has given me that final push to get rid of that damn flabby stomach, then it might have just been worth doing.

Click here for more information on Lipoglaze treatment by LoveLite. Prices range from £600 to £1000, depending on treatment area and machine size.