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Dog beaten with hammer in homophobic attack

Dog beaten with hammer in homophobic attack

A dog in Guernsey has been attacked with a hammer after her owner suffered homophobic taunts.


Jenny Harding, a children’s entertainer, found her dog’s face smashed and bloodied, with a flat-headed hammer nearby covered in the animal’s blood.


The words ‘Die filthy queer’ were daubed on her van nearby, which she uses for her Punch and Judy shows.


Six year old Alice, Harding’s dog, had to be taken to a vet following the incident. She will need to have her eye removed as a result of the attack


Harding said: ‘I just feel sad that this has happened. It is a scary thing to happen in this day and age.’


However, Harding remains defiant, and will not seek out police protection following the attack. She said: ‘I am not concerned for my own safety.


‘If someone wants to go for me, then they will go for me. But there are people in the area who are scared about what happened. I don’t want police protection. They can protect the people that need protecting.’


Guernsey police are currently investigating the incident as a homophobic hate-crime.


A police spokesperson claimed they believe Harding may have been targeted because she is bisexual, and have stated they have found the hammer, paint and paintbrush used in the attack.