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Treat yourself to a sex doll with an 'unstoppable bionic penis'

These love dolls are 'so much more than a sex toy'

Treat yourself to a sex doll with an 'unstoppable bionic penis'
Maybe a male doll is more your taste? | Photo: RealDoll Instagram

You can treat yourself to a sex dolls with ‘bionic penis‘ this year.

If you’ve ever needed someone with stamina of a champion, these dolls are for you.

RealDoll like to ’emphasize the term “LOVE doll” because they are so much more than a sex toy.’

Their new male dolls feature a 4-1/2″ oral capacity and a 6″ ‘standard’ anal entry.

Matt McMullen of RealDoll said the company is currently tweaking the voice and personality of the robot.

A clothed sex doll, hiding his bionic penis

Jingle balls | Photo: RealDoll Instagram

Costs and sizes

They come in two different body builds – Muscular or runner.

The penis size options however leave you with an important decision to make.

‘Male doll penis attachments’ vary from 5-1/2″ long to 11″ long.

Or, you can opt for the ‘RealCock’ attachment which is 6-1/2″.

The dolls even have interchangeable heads. So if you’ve had an argument with Michael, you can have sex with Nate instead!

One doll will cost you $5,999 (€5,030). But it’ll cost extra $150 (€125.78) to give him hair.

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