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Jack Monroe comes out as survivor of domestic abuse

Jack Monroe comes out as survivor of domestic abuse

Jack explained they are 'Sam' in Patrick Strudwick's article about LGBT domestic abuse

Non-binary chef Jack Monroe has come out as a survivor of domestic abuse.

They tweeted explaining: ‘Someone is threatening to out something in my past they feel I should be ashamed of. So with a very deep breath, I’m doing it first.’

They spoke to Patrick Strudwick, a Buzzfeed LGBT journalist, for a feature on LGBT domestic abuse.

Strudwick changed ‘names and other details’ in the article to protect identities.

One survivor in the article goes by the name Sam.

Monroe has now explained they are Sam.

In another tweet, Monroe said: ‘And at the time I remember being so scared of being identified by this article and what it contains.

‘I remember being proud of the discussion it raised around LGBT violence yet simultaneously terrified I would be outed. Patrick was – and is – brilliant.’

Monroe said the person threatening them is not the person they mention in the article.

They tweeted again to talk about the impact opening up about the domestic abuse has had.

Their tweet read: ‘This is now one of the most read articles on Buzzfeed today.

‘I’ve had hundreds of messages of support from fellow survivors – some of whom are seeking help for the first time. So, thank you all for your kindness.’

Monroe encouraged other survivors to attend Freedom Programme.

They told people: ‘If you are wondering if you need it, chances are you probably do.’

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