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Donald Trump Jr. shares ‘transphobic’ meme

Donald Trump Jr. shares ‘transphobic’ meme

Donald Trump Jr. | Photo: Wiki

Donald Trump Jr. has shared a transphobic meme on Instagram.

The businessman shared a photo of a person with blue hair wearing a dress yesterday [7 Jan], who many assumed was trans or gender-nonconforming.

The meme includes the words: ‘No no, don’t let me guess… Trump is not your president?’

Trump Jr. shared the photo to his 1.2million Instagram followers along with his own caption: ‘I’ll take that bet all day long,’ along with crying eye and American flag emojis.

‘At birth was this freak a boy child?’

The meme immediately attracted a lot of transphobic and anti-LGBTI abuse.

One wrote: ‘Now at birth was this freak a boy child but used crack at age 9.’

Another said: ‘Its the plastic bottles, estrogen [sic] leaks, birth control pills in municipal tap water.’

A third said: ‘Would you want that Freak using the Woman’s Bathroom while your daughter was using it? I bet NO!’


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I’ll take that bet all day long. 🤣🇺🇸🤣🇺🇸🤣🇺🇸

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However, many slammed the post. Said one: ‘the bullying must stop. It’s not so funny when someone decides to commit suicide. His laughing and downright hatefulness towards the lgbt community shows and the comments on this post are down right scary. As a mother I am concerned for our youth.’

Another said: ‘You’re clearly just jealous that you aren’t able to express your true self. Sad that you’ve been forced to repress it all this time,’ while a third added: ‘you are a BULLY! Shame on you.’

One simply stated: ‘You’re really repugnant; i guess like father like son; you must be proud of your transphobia.’

Defending himself against accusations of homophobia Trump Jr. replied to one user saying: ‘Are you implying this person has to be LGBT without any knowledge? I guess you’re the one hiding your beliefs.’

‘Definitive proof of a person’s sex’

In October 2018, a leaked memo indicated the Trump administration was planning to legally erase trans people, by restricting the definition of sex to genitalia at birth.

The memo stated: ‘The sex listed on a person’s birth certificate, as originally issued, shall constitute definitive proof of a person’s sex unless rebutted by reliable genetic evidence.’