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Donald Trump was searched for over 300,000 times on Pornhub in 2018

Donald Trump was searched for over 300,000 times on Pornhub in 2018

This image has gone viral in Russia | Photo: Twitter

Donald Trump was searched for over 300,000 times on Pornhub in 2018.

The US president has perhaps attracted or confused many people in his tumultuous year at the White House.

So whether it’s people looking for lookalikes with Putin or a grainy video of possibly the real thing, it turns out he remains popular on porn sites.

Why is Donald Trump popular on Pornhub?

Dr Laurie Betito, director of the Pornhub Sexual Wellness Centre, said this was likely due to curiosity.

Trump’s wife Melania had less than half the number of searches. Adult film star Stormy Daniels had more than 30 million searches compared to Trump.

She said: ‘Searches like these serve as an indication that people use this site to not only satisfy sexual urges but also to get a different angle on something they are already interested in—to see a famous character or hot topic in a sexual context.’

Lesbian porn ‘most popular search term’

two women in lingerie lying on a bed, one is lying on top of the other and they are clearly about to have sex

Pornbub also revealed other statistics for the year.

Lesbian porn was named the most popular type of content, a result mainly fueled by women.

Women were 151% more interested in lesbian videos than straight men.

‘Lesbian’ was the most popular search term in the US, Canada, the UK, Australia and much of South America.

Women were also 281% more likely to search for ‘pussy licking’.

‘Women continue to favor lesbian porn,’ Betito said.

‘They get to see acts they enjoy on themselves—that’s why “pussy licking” is popular’

Searches like ‘lesbian strap on’ went up 392%.

What are gay guys searching for on Pornhub in 2018?

Credit: Next Door Ebony
Credit: Next Door Ebony

Trans porn has also become a lot more popular.

Pornhub and YouPorn report interest in trans porn has increased among viewers over the age of 45.

Trans porn became the 16th most-searched term on YouPorn and the 23rd on Pornhub.

Men were interested in trans performers with an increase of 167%, compared to 73% with women.

Among gay and bisexual men, ‘Korean’ is now the most popular search term worldwide.

Hentai, animated Japanese porn, became the 15th most popular search term on Pornhub Gay.

Straight Guys was the most popular tab, followed by Black, Daddy and Bareback.