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After 30 years, lesbian classic Desert Hearts is getting a sequel

After 30 years, lesbian classic Desert Hearts is getting a sequel

Desert Hearts ignored the popular 'kill your gays'-trope

When Desert Hearts came out 1985, it was hailed as as rising ‘far above such pigeon-hole categories as the nostalgic period drama or the lesbian love-story’.

It showed audience a lesbian relationship with a happy, uplifting and romanting ending, instead of showing at least one of the women going back to a man, commit suicide or die in any other gruesome way.

Now the beloved classic, telling the tender love story between English professor Vivian and sculptor Cay, is getting a sequel.

Speaking at a screening of the film at New York’s Museom of Modern Art (MoMA), producer and director Donna Deitch told NBC Out a sequel was definitely happening.

Currently, she is raising funds for the project, which hails of the original film.

Back then, Deitch told NBC, her fundraising efforts were closer to political organizind or, indeed, theater than they were to Hollywood methods.

‘I had these investor parties all over the country, and they were sort of modeled on a Broadway backers party,’ she said.

‘Gloria Steinem was a host, Lily Tomlin was one, and their names would be on the invitation.’

Apart from selling her house to raise the money, Deitch also sold shares, costing $15,000 (€, £) each, for a limited partnership.

‘It was only in part funded by lesbians and feminists. There were straight men, gay men, it was a mix,’ she said.

‘People saw it as a potentially quite commercial film.’

In the end, it was successful at the box office and a popular flick at film festivals around the world and distributors fighting a bidding war to get the rights.

Deitch hasn’t released many details about the upcoming sequel to Desert Hearts, nor is it known whether the original cast will come back together once more.

All the filmmaker is giving away so far is that it’ll be set in New York.