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Dr Christian Jessen: ‘I’m team Boris’

Dr Christian Jessen: ‘I’m team Boris’

Dr Christian Jessen has publicly stated his support for Boris Johnson as the Conservative leadership battle continues.

Dr Christian is known for shows such as Embarrassing Bodies and Supersize vs Superskinny.

‘Publicly I have always remained staunchly apolitical,’ the star told his followers on Twitter this week. ‘I’ve never talked about who I support. But the negativity is getting to me.’

He furthermore continued: ‘So I’m going to say, in spite of Brexit, and the HUGE risk it entails I’m team Boris Why? Not because of what he says, but because of what he does…’

‘I’ve never once mentioned which party I vote for’

Yesterday, the TV star took to the social networking platform to furthermore clarify his position.

After a twitter user told him: ‘Sometimes it’s better to remain silent and have people presume you’re a typical selfish rich Tory who doesn’t give a toss about the poor, disabled and minorities, rather than open your mouth and remove all doubt,’ Dr Christian replied ‘Ah, the ignorant assumptions of a true bigot.’

He continued: ‘I’ve never once mentioned which party I vote for. (Hint: it’s isn’t Conservative).’

The two most prominent candidates to replace UK Prime Minister Theresa May are former Mayor of London Boris and Jeremy Hunt.

Hunt is the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs. He succeeded Johnson in the role in July 2018.

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