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Drag kings may be finally coming to compete on the Drag Race franchise

Drag kings may be finally coming to compete on the Drag Race franchise

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Drag kings may be finally coming to compete on the Drag Race franchise.

Co-host of Drag Race Thailand, Pangina Heals, has encouraged a drag king to audition for season two of the hit spin-off.

Pangina reminded people on her Instagram the deadline to audition for season two ends in two days.

One fan said: ‘I’m a drag king, can I send my video?’

The queen responded: ‘yes kaaa it is open to everyoneee.’

This is a new turn for the Drag Race franchise.

While trans women and cis men have competed on the American version, this will be the first time cis women and trans men will be able to enter the contest.

Fans responded with glee on Reddit.

One said: ‘Actual drag queens as co-judges? Three-way lipsyncs?! A big queen winner??!! DRAG KINGS?!

‘Drag Race Thailand is RPDR Seasons 39 and 40 come back from the future to show RuPaul how it’s done.’

Another said: ‘Season 1 was so amazing I can’t wait to see how season 2 is gonna be.

‘I just love how Drag Race Thailand is just looking at appreciating the art form of drag that includes all genders, not just drag queens like RPDR.’

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Peppermint hopes Drag Race will evolve

Peppermint, a trans queen who competed on season 9, is hoping the American version will evolve.

‘As long as I’ve been doing drag, I’ve seen performances that would run circles around me,’ she told Gay Star News.

‘A lot of that comes from cisgender women or drag kings. I’ve seen some really amazing things come from the community.’

She added: ‘Why can’t a woman or a trans man be inspired by the performances of a gay man doing drag, enough to put on a costume or a kooky outfit, to wow an audience as well?

‘If drag is about being an illusionist or a performer or a gender rebel, I don’t think gay men own that experience.

‘Gay men don’t own gender and genderfuck and playing with rules. Humans do. Everyone has a right to it.’

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