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Drag queen dressed as Elsa single-handedly freed a stuck police car from the snow

Drag queen dressed as Elsa single-handedly freed a stuck police car from the snow

Drag Elsa helped out a police wagon in a snowy situation

A drag queen dressed as Elsa from Frozen has single-handedly freed a stuck police car from the snow.

As you can see, the cold never bothered her anyway.

The viral video has been seen more than 2 million times in 12 hours.

Lawyer Jason Triplett, a 37-year-old dressed in the blue dress and blond braid, went as the Disney character to give his friends a laugh.

You can see a video of Jason pushing the police van out of the snow.

Patrons inside The Gallows bar in Boston’s South End neighborhood cheer.

Afterwards, Jason gives a curtsey to the crowd.

Shared on Facebook by Christopher Haynes, it has been widely shared across all social media.

‘Yup, that just happened,’ Christopher, a restaurant publicist, said. ‘Drag “Elsa” just single-handedly pushed out a stuck police wagon.’

Drag queen Elsa ‘encapsulates the spirit of Boston’

A woman who shared the video on Twitter wrote: ‘A drag queen dressed as Elsa just single-handedly freed a stuck police wagon from a blizzard in the middle of March. If that sentence doesn’t perfectly encapsulate the spirit of Boston, I don’t know what does.’

Boston was hit with another blizzard on Tuesday, a foot of snow falling on the city.

Police officer James Kenneally told the Boston Globe the officers involved in the scene were ‘especially grateful for the help and would like to thank the Elsa impersonator for the assist’.

The video comes as many fans are calling on Disney to give the Frozen character a girlfriend in the sequel.

The #GiveElsaAGirlfriend went viral in 2016 as fans all over the world called on Disney to pair the princess up with a female love interest. Petitions to Disney to make the Queen of Arendelle gay got thousands of signatures.

But now fans are in a frenzy after Frozen co-director Jennifer Lee’s recent comments. She said the film’s creative team was ‘conscientious’ of the conversations happening around Elsa’s sexuality.

She said: ‘Where we’re going with it, we have tons of conversations about it, and we’re really conscientious about these things.’