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Drag queen make-up star reveals cosmetic surgery hoax – and people are shook

Drag queen make-up star reveals cosmetic surgery hoax – and people are shook

a shot of a person pulling a prosthetic off their face

High profile make-up artist and drag queen Alexis Stone has pulled off a massive stunt, revealing to his hundreds of thousands of followers he never underwent radical plastic surgery.

Stone rose to fame for his unbelievable celebrity transformations where he turned himself into big stars such as Kim Kardashian and Adele. He also courted controversy and was accused of doing ‘blackface’ for his transformations of people of color, including ‘hot felon’

But Stone is a big deal in the makeup world. He has hundreds of thousands of followers across YouTube and social media and has signed lucrative deals with cosmetic companies.


The Manchester-based Stone, whose real name is Elliot Joseph Rentz, released a video in August 2018, saying he was about to have elaborate cosmetic surgery.

‘I’ve always been attracted to a different aesthetic. I’ve obviously made cosmetic choices which obviously differ from what the average viewer considers beautiful,’ he explained in that video.

He had already had botox and fillers. Online trolls said these procedures had ‘botched’ his face. That bullying lead him to allegedly hating his appearance.

‘I’ve been called crazy. I’ve been called an addict. I’ve been called botched. I’m told every single day that I’ve ruined my face… It’s just had such a crippling effect,’ he said.

After the ‘surgery’

Stone shared his plastic surgery journey and arduous recovery journey with his followers on YouTube and social media.

He regularly shared updates of his progress, eventually revealing his new face in November.


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‘Thank you all so much for the overwhelming love and support over the last 12 hours since uploading my latest YouTube video as well as the last month of my recovery,’ Stone wrote on Instagram.

‘I haven’t felt this happy and confident in years 😫💕 It’s not even been a month post op so please take into consideration that I’m still very swollen and textured from surgery before alerting me I look 65.’

Following the surgery, hundreds of trolls flooded Stone’s accounts with a parade of negative comments telling him he had ruined his face.

The hoax

But on New Year’s Eve, Stone dropped a surprise one-minute video.

The haunting video has Stone in a glamorous outfit and wig staring silently into the camera. About halfway through, Stone rips of his ‘face’ to reveal he had been wearing a prosthetic face for months.

People reacted with shock to the reveal which reveberated globally in the make-up and drag communities.

‘This is the most elaborate collaboration I’ve seen… and I’m here for it?!?!?’ wrote one YouTube commenter.

‘The GAG of the year!!!’ wrote another.

Social experiment

In another new video, Stone told his audience he had planned the ‘social experiment’ for about a year and a half.

To create the mask Stone flew to Barcelona multiple times during the 2018 summer to work with Oscar-award winning special effects artist, David Marti, to create mask.

Stone committed so much to maintaining the hoax, that he wore the mask every time he left the house for the three months.

He said the constant criticism of his previous botox and being labelled a monster led him to coming up with the idea of the fake face.

‘[I also want to] bring attention to the social construct of becoming a monster,’ he said.

‘If enough people scream and shout that someone’s a monster… it becomes believable.’

Gay Star News reached out to Stone for comment but did not receive a reply.