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Drag queens drown out Proud Boy hatred with hand fans at #AllOutDC rally

Drag queens drown out Proud Boy hatred with hand fans at #AllOutDC rally

Drag queens use hand fans to drown out Proud Boy hatred at the #AllOutDC rally

Numerous Proud Boys, neo-Nazis, and other far-right groups marched in Washington DC yesterday (6 July). However, progressive LGBTI groups weren’t letting them get away with their hatred. There was an #AllOutDC counter-rally occurring simultaneously, featuring drag queens using their fans in unique ways.

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Unicorn Riot, an independent media group, was on the scene reporting. They estimate there were a few hundred attendees on either side.

For the part of the counter-rally, the DC Chapter of Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence utilized their hand fans to drown out the hate spewed by the far-right marchers.

Hand fans drown out hate

What else happened?

After a Proud Boy ripped up signs belonging to the counter protesters, the police escorted the attendee out of the rally.

Police separated the two groups even further after a Proud Boy allegedly punched an anti-fascist counter protester.

As the Proud Boys and other far-right groups boarded a bus outside the Trump Hotel to attend a secret afterparty, police are seen protecting them.

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