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Drag queens, trans and queer people protest Trump in London

Drag queens, trans and queer people protest Trump in London

Drag queens, queer and trans people protest Trump in this amazing way

Drag queens, trans and queer people are protesting President Donald Trump in London today (13 July).

Over 70,000 people are expected to take to the British capital to object to the US president’s views.

The main march will go from Portland Place at 2pm ending at Trafalgar Square at 5pm.

Why drag queens, trans and queer people are protesting Trump

Manchester drag performer Cheddar Gorgeous was one of the main organizers of the queer protest.

Subsequently, she and some friends created a Facebook event inviting other drag queens and kings to participate in the wider London protests against Trump.

‘There’s also a broad issue around visibility,’ they told GSN. ‘There’s a wider point to be made about an attack on diversity. Diversity is becoming a scapegoat by the Trump administration and the people who support it.

‘What drag does in a very extravagant way is really show our differences, in a hope to make everyone’s lives a little bit easier. Anyone who feels different to the mainstream … anyone who feels what’s different about them is not recognized or seen.’

For Trump’s first visit to the UK as president, he is being met with the largest protest ever for a POTUS.

Largest protest ever for a sitting US president in London

Gay Star News was there and interviewed a few of the protestors.

Dennis Queen is a parent of a 13-year-old child is from Manchester.

We’ve got a strong drag and queer contingent in the UK,’ she said. ‘There’s so many reasons why we have to protest against Trump.’

She added: ‘When I see Theresa May, in the papers today, holding that man’s hands – I’m disgusted. This is not a relationship that we want to develop.’

Isaac, Matty and Hannah are three young trans and queer people.

‘Being trans is hard enough in America. He doesn’t need to make it any harder,’ Matty said.

Isaac added: ‘We need to make sure he knows he’s not welcome.’

‘Fuck Trump!’

Marilyn and Jacob are friends.

‘Fuck Trump,’ Jacob said.

Marilyn added: ‘I think it’s horrific what’s happening in America. Donald Trump is evil incarnate. What he is doing is fascism in its purest form. My boyfriend is a Latin American trans man living in America at the moment and he’s terrified.

‘When good people stay quiet is when evil flourishes.’

Very Cherry is a drag queen, who also came down from Manchester.

‘I fear for the young people over there,’ they said. ‘Over there it’s supposed to be the American way, but it’s not. Over there, right now, it’s the Trump way.’

They added: ‘It’s made people aware of politics in America. When Obama was in charge, we didn’t hear him tweeting on the toilet. Bush didn’t even go as far as Trump. It just shows you can buy your way into anything, even the most powerful seat in the world.’