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Pandora Boxx talks Trump, her childhood career dreams and Drag Con

Pandora Boxx talks Trump, her childhood career dreams and Drag Con

Drag queen Pandora Boxx

Pandora Boxx takes her name from an Ancient Greek curse. But could that story finally have come true – in The White House?

Greek legend tells us that when Pandora opened her box, all the evils of the world escaped.

And drag queen Pandora Boxx thinks Trump is pretty much delivering this hellish vision.

Pandora Boxx sprang to fame on the second season of Ru Paul’s Drag Race. She became known for her acerbic wit and uncannily accurate portrayal of Carol Channing during the hilarious Snatch Game round.

Now she is starring in Psycho: The Musical Parody in San Francisco. It’s a camp filled massacre of Alfred Hitchcock’s masterpiece Psycho, with a drag star cast.

We caught up with her there to talk about her career, theater and drag.

Psycho about Trump

But inevitably, we soon started talking about the current president of the United States.

Pandora said: ‘The most dangerous thing is that we literally have a president that blatantly lies, like proven lies you can fact-check immediately.

‘A dictator’s first thing is to denounce the media. And he’s denounced the media that doesn’t agree with him and that’s really dangerous.

‘He’s literally lying to people. There’s so many people in America that are so blinded and just don’t care.’

Psycho: The Musical Parody

The Psycho parody show began life last year in Los Angeles before its current run in San Francisco.

And the creators have big ambitions for the show’s future, Pandora revealed to us.

‘The hope is, and the talk is, that we will do it off-Broadway in NYC,’ she told us. ‘That is the ultimate plan.’

And Psycho isn’t her first foray into theater.

She is the author of a play called The Lipstick Massacre which she describes as ‘murder by make-up’. And in 2014, she put on the play in the Geva Theater, Rochester.

‘In Rochester, the Geva Theater is like going to Broadway. Like, OMG, I’m at Broadway, well, slightly off-Broadway.’

In fact, Pandora was destined for the theater from a young age.

‘When I was in fifth grade, I wrote my first play called The Trouble at Christmas. I put all my friends in it, my mum directed it and I put it on for the whole school.’

Drag ambition

So Pandora Boxx was destined for the stage from a young age. But she didn’t always know that she’d rise to fame in drag.

‘My career path was not to be a drag queen because I didn’t even know what a drag queen was.

‘I wanted to be typical things like veterinarian because I love animals. But, by age five, I’m like “I want to be an actor”.

‘I just didn’t know I’d be wearing a bra, panties and a corset and my dick would be up my own ass!’

Now a veteran in the drag world, Pandora has some blunt words of advice for any aspiring drag queens: ‘Don’t be an asshole!’

What’s next for Pandora Boxx?

Pandora Boxx is currently working on a new parody single and video called Oops, I Think I Pooped.

She also hopes to attend Drag Con in Los Angeles in April.

‘For me who has been doing drag for 300 years, it’s amazing to see that it has come so far that we can have a convention for it.

‘I want to go in the capacity where I can have fun and not look exhausted.’

Gay Star News will be at Drag Con to capture all the highs and the lows. And Pandora asked GSN to promise to show her at her best.

‘I don’t want to have someone look at me and go “what a bitch”. I just have resting bitch face!’

Finally, we asked Pandora to describe herself in a single tweet.

‘She’s a goofy, oddball, weirdo, kinda sexy in your drunk aunt way. Give her vodka, she’s your best friend.’

You can follow Pandora on Twitter here.