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Drag Race Thailand season 1 winner announces she’s running for Congress

Drag Race Thailand season 1 winner announces she’s running for Congress

Natalia Pliacam won Drag Race Thailand season 1 | Photo: Line TV

Drag Race Thailand season 1 winner has announced she’s running for Congress.

Natalia Pliacam, the stage name of Assadayut Khunviseadpong, is hoping to win a seat for the Thai Local Power Party.

It is a new party running to raise awareness and debate of LGBTI issues.

Drag Race winner running for Congress in Thailand

The campaign is called ‘We Are Hero’.

Natalia posted the announcement on social media.

‘Everyone in this country is a hero,’ they said.

‘We all go through bad times together and get through conflict together.

‘Today we want Thai people to know they are all heroes.

‘We believe we can solve the conflict.

‘Today we have to hold hands and fight the outside world.

‘Time’s up on conflict. We need to fight the ones who cause it.

‘Today we have to come together and unite all Thai power together.’

Winning Drag Race Thailand

Natalia, who made a fortune in the coffin industry, started doing drag in 2006.

They entered and won the Miss AC/DC beauty pageant in Thailand. It involved creating a persona to a specific country.

They chose the name Natalia, from Miss Universe 2005 Natalia Glebova. Pliacam is a play on words that can be translated as ‘tired labia’.

Last year, Natalia became the first winner of Drag Race Thailand.

Natalia is also notable for being the first plus-size winner of the Drag Race franchise.

As part of her winnings, Natalia also won a cash prize of 500,000฿ ($15,920).

Posters of the Thai Local Power Party, based in Bangkok, Thailand, went viral this week.

The candidates pose dramatically against sci-fi-like backgrounds of city skylines.

The Thai Local Power Party is led by Siam Rath newspaper owner and business tycoon Chatchawal Kong-udom.

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