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Drag Race UK shaded for ‘body shaming’ applicants to be in the pit crew

Drag Race UK shaded for ‘body shaming’ applicants to be in the pit crew

Should RuPaul's Drag Race change the pit crew? | Photo: VH1

Drag Race UK is being shaded for ‘body shaming’ applicants to be in the pit crew.

The BBC show, which will air later this year, will have all the ingredients of the original US show.

That also includes hunky models who strut around in their underwear.

But in the casting advert for the show, some have accused the ad of ‘body shaming’.

Pit crew ad for Drag Race UK accused of ‘body shaming’

The ad reads: ‘Talent Talks are exclusively working on a BBC Entertainment Show and looking for fit and attractive males aged 18-35 to take part in the show.

‘You will be used as models for different parts of the show and must be confident in just your underwear.

‘All applicants must be over 6ft have no tattoos and have an athletic and toned physique.

‘We are looking to put together a pool of guys that we will use throughout the series. There are various filming dates.

The ad also said: ‘Payment is £200 per day.

‘Casting session is in East London on Thursday 31 January. Due to the nature of the job, we will need you to model in your underwear on that day. If this is not something you are comfortable with, please do not apply.’

Fans react

Many online have questioned why ‘fit and attractive’ is defined as having an ‘athletic and toned physique’.

On Twitter, one also said: ‘So you have to be 6ft tall to be deemed attractive enough to be Pit Crew?

‘Such a shame that the UK version being new had an opportunity to be more forward thinking but alas, plastic and brain-dead.’

Another said: ‘UK Drag Race added “no tattoos” and “nobody under 6ft” (read: the vast majority of Asians and South Americans need not apply) rules to their pit crew casting. That sounds about as bland, aggressively safe, and white as I expected from the BBC.

‘If they’re playing it THIS safe and inoffensive with the pit crew, what are they going to do with the show itself? Drag isn’t inoffensive and safe. It’s entertainment and expression for misfits in society.’

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