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Drag Race winner Aquaria booed off stage in London gay nightclub

Drag Race winner Aquaria booed off stage in London gay nightclub

Aquaria looked pissed after being booed off stage | Instagram

RuPaul’s Drag Race winner Aquaria is clapping back after being booed off stage last night (19 July)

The season 10 star was the guest star at Porn Idol held at Heaven in London.

Porn Idol involves eight people stripping and dancing with a pole.

Aquaria picked a trans performer she personally knew. The audience, apparently, deemed this ‘unfair’.

Strangely, it led to angry boos and jeers from the crowd.

‘Don’t fucking play this,’ Aquaria clapped back.

‘I’m not the fucking one and the fact that y’all probably treat performers like this all over the world is fucking disgusting.

‘This is why girls loathe doing their jobs sometimes. Respect yourself and respect others.’

One person tweeted they were boycotting both Aquaria and Heaven owner Jeremy Joseph.

‘I am boycotting Aquaria and Jeremy Joseph after tonight. Pick someone out of the audience my fucking arse. FUCK YALL I AM MAD [AS FUCK] DO NOT CHOSE [sic] YOUR FRIENDS MOTHER FUCKER.’

‘Wooo fucking loser,’ Aquaria responded. ‘Everyone in the audience booed me off the stage for picking a fierce entertainer to give y’all a show and if you don’t like that you can suck a huge fuck and don’t have me back ever again.

‘Fucking loser mindset. Go up and show your pathetic willy then.’

Aquaria still did a meet and greet after the show.

But it turns out that didn’t go that well either.

She tweeted: ‘Don’t wrap your greasy reeking underarm around me at a meet and greet if you smell like shit. Do not.’

Fans support Aquaria after she is booed off stage

Fans responded to Aquaria’s tweet with support.

‘This is gross and ungrateful,’ one said.

‘Why can’t everyone be happy that she literally is traveling all over the world to meet fans and perform for them?

‘All my love and respect goes out to you tonight Aquaria.’

It is unknown whether Aquaria will honor the agreement to perform on Saturday at Heaven after last night.