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Drag Race winners Bianca Del Rio and Yvie Oddly clash over fan photos

Drag Race winners Bianca Del Rio and Yvie Oddly clash over fan photos

Yvie Oddly has such a good dad | Photo: VH1

RuPaul’s Drag Race winners Bianca Del Rio and Yvie Oddly are known for not shying away from confrontation.

So it shouldn’t be any surprise that the season 6 star took issue with the latest queen to take the crown.

Yvie, season 11 winner, said she didn’t feel it was fair to take photos with fans who wait outside venues after shows.

Bianca Del Rio and Yvie Oddly clash over fan photos

She said: ‘Imagine that you’re a very passionate chef who landed your dream job at a prestigious restaurant.

‘Imagine that you just spent a long day on your feet cooking for people who pay you because they appreciate how your food tastes.

‘Now imagine that you walk out of the restaurant and are met by a mob of people who love your food and ask you to cook for them…for free…and without any ingredients because you just used them all….

‘This is why I refuse to take pictures after I finish a show. Don’t be selfish’

Bianca Del Rio slammed Yvie, saying: ‘It’s only been a FEW MONTHS… GOOD LUCK BITCH!’

Yvie responded: ‘I don’t care how anyone else deals with “fame” but I have very real boundaries so if I have to be a bitch who sets the precedent of reminding people we are humans than so be it.’

Many fans took issue with Yvie’s statement, calling her ‘ungrateful’.

Suffering from a chronic illness

However, Yvie also reminded her fans she suffers from a chronic illness.

She has Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, a disease that causes hyper flexibility due to a lack of collagen production. Outcomes connected with the disease include heart failure, hernias and collapsed lungs. During one episode of Drag Race, Yvie spent the majority of it using crutches as her body was in pain.

Following a backlash, Yvie tweeted: ‘First, we as queens need to listen when our fans feel disrespected. If anyone felt disrespected or unappreciated, I sincerely apologize.

‘I do truly love my fans and take it very seriously to show gratitude for their support and enjoy meeting them. I take responsibility in falling short in this, and I’m deeply sorry if it’s come off that I don’t care, or am not grateful.

‘Now, just as the queens have the responsibility to respect their fans, the fans have the responsibility to respect the queens’ boundaries, simple as that.’